Jackson, Karma Unlimited



Jackson, Karma Unlimited

Jackson, Karma Unlimited 

 The Unlimited version of the Karma fine-tunes the fast, floaty planing hull of the original into a longer, faster, more down-river oriented design.  Is it a race-boat?  YES, the UL is designed to fly down the hardest rapids with so much ease and stability you can keep stroking where others are bracing.  Is it JUST a race boat?  Of course not!  The Karma Unlimited is also the right choice for longer wilderness trips, upstream attainments and mild-water fitness paddling.  If you want exceptional hull speed but also the protection of a full-featured whitewater boat, the Karma Unlimited is ready when you are. 

 Notable features on the Unlimited include an upswept bow to keep you on the surface, a peaked deck to slice through the waves and a narrow planing hull to accelerate across boils and current differentials. This planing ability also makes the UL a great surfer!  Back at the stern we’ve got a high parting line which generates the best secondary stability of any kayak in our line and also enhances storage capabilities.  Down below, the low rocker profile swoops continuously from under the seat so we can eliminate speed crushing ‘rock-back’ on landings yet still boof like a champ. 

 The Unlimited includes sweet cheeks for shock absorbing comfort, reinforced hip pads for solid control, fiberglass reinforced hull support for rigidity, and our Uni-shock bulkhead for comfort and ankle safety.  There will be an ”RG” version for ocean / overnight paddling where skeg, stern hatch and deck rigging are standard.

Please note colours may vary. Please call for availability. 

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