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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions in relation to the event '2018 Paddle film Festival' held at Marlin Site, Hampstead Ln, Yalding, Maidstone ME18 on Sunday 6th May 2018. 

Tickets can be collected on the door if ordered before 4:30pm Sat 5th May

Please read all the terms and conditions before purchasing a ticket and if you have any queries feel free to contact us at Kent Canoes. 

One child under 12 years old can attend free with a full paying adult. To gain entry to the event an under 12's ticket will need to be obtained at no cost, at the time of purchasing an adult ticket. 

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Under 18's, even with a valid ticket, will not be admitted to the site if they are not accompanied by an adult and no refund will be offered. It is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to ensure the safety of anyone under 18 years old. 

There are no toilet facilities on the Marlin site although though there are three sets of public toilets within a 2 min walk of the site. "The Lees" car park is across the road bridge and are free to use, the Environment Agency site has toilets although these require a 1 pound coin to enter. 

The on site BBQ will be available after 6:30pm and will be usable by anyone over 18 years of age. This will be used at your own risk and Kent Canoes and In-Range Archery accept no responsibility for the quality of food cooked or provided by users of this, or any injuries that are sustains during use. 

Entry will be by ticket only, these will be swapped for wristbands on the gate and you will be required to wear the wristband while on the site, anyone found not wearing a wristband will be ejected from the site.  In the case of loss of ticket a replacement may be requested prior to the event at either store but you will need to provide proof of purchase and the unique number on your ticket. No replacement tickets will be available at the gate.

Entry to the entire event may be refused if the ticket holder appears to be under the influence of substances including alcohol, no refund will be offered. 

Attendees may be removed from the event if staff or volunteers deem them to be acting in an unsafe manor. No aggression towards any staff, volunteers or any fellow attendees will be tolerated and the perpetrator will be removed from the site. In either of these cases no refund will be offered. 

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the site with no refund for any behavior not in the spirit of the event, including but not limited to:

Aggressive behavior
Sexually offensive or inappropriate language, behavior or actions
Offensive actions or language to staff or other attendees
Participating in or conducting criminal behavior

Access to the camping area and the ability to set up tents will be available after 6:30pm, any tents or personal effects taken onto the site are the responsibility of the owner and are done so at the owners risk, Kent Canoes and In-Range Archery accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to property that occurs either during or directly after the event. As space is limited at the site no tents bigger than a four man tent will be allowed to be erected unless prior consent is given by the organizers and more than 4 people will be occupying it. Anyone who is trying to erect a tend bigger than a four man tent, or 4 meters by 2.5 meters will be prevented from doing so and may be removed from the site with no refund offered. Anyone camping is required to have vacated the site by 10.30am on Monday 7th May. 

Rubbish and recycling bins and bags will be located at various spots around the site and attendees agree to place all rubbish in these. Anyone seen littering may be removed from the site with no refund offered. As regular users of the river Medway and a company who values the importance of protecting the environment we take littering very seriously, and aim for our event to leave as little mark on the natural area as possible and so use of the appropriate bins will be enforced. 

Both Kayaking and Archery are considered assumed risk sports, while reasonable precautions will be made to mitigate any risks involved, this does not guarantee your safety. Kent Canoes and In-Range Archery accept no responsibility for any damage to persons or property during, or as a result of, attendees participating in these events. All participation in the event is done at own risk.  

The kayaking and canoeing events will be on the river Medway. This is a natural river and while a visual water quality check will be conducted on the day it is possible that, as with any interaction with such rivers, illness can occur. Kent Canoes and In-Range Archery accept no responsibility for any illness that is contracted due to use of the river Medway during the Event.

If the water conditions are deemed unsuitable on that day by the coaches involved, the kayaking and or canoeing may be cancelled to ensure the safety of both the participants and staff. Factors that may cause this to happen include but are not limited to:

River level
Water quality

No refunds will be offered if the water based sports have to be cancelled due to safety concerns or unforeseen circumstances. 

The location of the site is at the side of a river. Reasonable precautions will be made to make any river banks well signed, protected and safe however it may still be possible to fall into the water accidentally. We encourage the attendees to be aware of this hazard and to take precautions to ensure this does not happen. It is also important for any accompanying adult to be aware of the risk this posses to the under 18 year olds in their care, and to take additional precautions. Kent Canoes and In-Range Archery accept no responsibility for any harm caused by this hazard.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse participation of any particular activity if there is concern about the ability of the attendee to complete it safely. This is at the discretion of the instructors and the staff. 

It is the responsibility of the participants to make the organisers, staff or instructors aware of any preexisting health concerns, conditions or issues that may affect their ability to participate in the event activities safely, or that they may require extra support or adaptions to ensure their safety while participating.  

Anyone with a preexisting condition will need to complete and sign a health form so our instructors are aware of their condition and are able to maintain your safety. All information disclosed on this form will remain confidential, will not be kept after the event, and will be disposed off in line with data protection rules. 

A participant who has a preexisting condition but does not disclose this does so at their own risk. Kent Canoes, In-Range Archery and the instructors, staff and voulnterrs are not liable for any issues arising from the non-disclosure. 

In the event of a fire on the site all the attendees will be evacuated via the main gate in line with the sites fire safety procedures. In the event of an emergency every attendee is required to follow the instructions of the staff, instructors and volunteers. 

There will be a trained first aid provider on site at all times during the event to offer advice and treatment. It is at the attendees discretion to follow any advice offered and is done so at their own risk. Kent Canoes and In-Range Archery accept no responsibility for any harm or complications caused by this.  

There is no parking available on the site but there is a limited amount of free parking on the road. There is a public car park available on the other side of the bridge from the site, although this a chargeable car park and you will be required to pay cash on the way in.

Well behaved dogs are welcome on the site but must be kept on a lead at all times. Any mess the dog makes is the responsibility of the owner to clear up and failing to do say may mean they are removed from the site with no refund offered. 

Please bear in mind this event is an outdoor event and there is very little cover at the site, therefore it is important that you bring suitable clothing and accessories for the weather such as waterproofs if it is raining, thermals if it is cold and sunscreen if it is sunny. 

By purchasing a ticket you have agreed to abide by the terms and conditions for the event, and understand the penalties for not complying.   

All tickets are non refundable and wristbands, once issued, are non-transferable. Should the purchaser transfer the ticket, it is their responsibility to inform the new ticket holder of all terms and conditions and complete a medical form if required

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