P&H Valkyrie

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P&H Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is a Sea Kayak designed for speed; whether you use that speed to take on more extensive open water crossings and expedition, to challenge a circumnavigation record, or just to inject a touch more adrenaline in to your day trips, it's up to you.

A narrow, vertical bow maintains maximum waterline length whilst slicing cleanly through the water, creating a clean path for the rest of the kayak's hull to follow efficiently; added benefits of this shape are increased bow hatch volume , and a more engaged hull at the bow counteract windage.

Rounding out the Valkrie's high performance design are ergomic paddle entry cutaways, a low volume back deck for unhindered rolling and re-entry, and of course, moulded-in fitting for quick  and easy installation of the P&H Kayak sail systems.

Key Features:

  • Slender Hull for maximum speed
  • Square cross-section hull under the paddler offers supreme initial stability, and also lends itself well to surfing
  • paddle entry cutaways just in front of the cockpit allows for more verical blade entry closer to the kayak
  • Higly rockered, cut-off stern effiently realeases surface tension, and is preceded by a pronounced rocker profile to loosen up the stern when turning beetween waves and provide lift during downwind surfing
  • Lightly angled hatch rims towards the centre of the kayak allow easier access, particularly when loading long items such  as tents
  • Optional day and mini hatches for increase load versatlilty
  • Overstern or fin rudder, the overstern rudder is suited to shallow water or heavy beach loading, whilst a fin rudder offers increaded efficiency and is less affect by wind or waves.

Contruction type is Corelite X with Connect Outfitting

Colour Option:

  • Sunbeam
  • Lava
  • Turquoise

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